Video Gamer Nutrition: What To Eat?

The right diet plays an important role for gamers who want to achieve high performance. You can largely determine you concentration, endurance, and reaction speed by what you eat.

Another factor that this can influence performance is the boosting service.

Sugar is bad

Eating too much sugar before and while gaming is bad on two counts. On the one hand, this creates a huge fluctuation in the ability to concentrate and, on the other hand, in one’s own emotional state. That means you get upset faster and the risk of tilting increases. The best drink to stay focused during a long gaming session is actually plain mineral water.


What happens when you eat a lot of sugar?

The level of your blood sugar sharply rises for a short time. This gives you a certain feeling of exhilaration. You feel very good and efficient for a short time. But already after a very short time, this effect is reversed. The body starts to produce a lot of insulin because of the high sugar intake. This massively lowers the level of your blood sugar after about 30-40 minutes again. The result is that after about 30 minutes of high sugar levels, there is a long phase with symptoms of mild hypoglycemia. These symptoms are concentration problems, tiredness and easy irritability.

So what should you eat?


The optimal breakfast for concentration in the morning is oatmeal. Mix in a chopped banana for a better taste and a bit of extra energy. If you don’t bear dairy products, you can substitute them with soy yoghurt or soy milk. This food fills you up for several hours. It is not heavy on the stomach and provides you with the necessary energy to be able to concentrate well until midday.


Pasta with not too greasy sauce is the perfect source of vitality until the evening. In particular, tomato sauce is good for this. Thickly sprinkled parmesan is not good. You can opt for an Asian noodle dish if you prefer the taste.


For the evening, fish and chicken are perfect as high-protein and low-fat meat products. You can have low-carbohydrate vegetables as a side dish. In particular, people consider broccoli as a super vegetable that can you can include in your healthy menus. You can instead switch to spinach or cauliflower if you don’t want broccoli.