One effective way that you can do to stick with your diet regimen is by using the connection of music to dopamine in assisting you to achieve balance and reboot. Believe it or not, music has great positive impact in reprograming the brain. This is because with the right songs played, it can create pleasure in the brain triggering it to release dopamine.

How Effective will it Be?

Always remember that when talking about music, majority would depend on your familiarity of the song and how much you like it. Needless to say, the more you love it, the bigger the impact on you. Example, if you’re searching for a song that’ll uplift you, the more you love listening to the song, the more uplifting effect it is going to make.

On the other hand, be mindful as well that what works for others might not for you. There are emotional bonds, memories, messages that the song sends and habits that are triggering these factors. So find a music that you truly love and stick with it to enjoy its full benefits.

Let’s Simplify Everything

To make it easier for you as well, you may create a playlist to compensate your mind. It’s recommended to go with fast rhythms that has a BPM of at least 130 or higher.