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If you are into dieting and bodybuilding, then you have probably heard about “Whey Protein”. Whey protein is so impressive that it has the ability of promoting muscle growth, especially when it is combined with exercise. It can additionally help in preserving muscle while you are on a weight loss journey.

Whey is the Way

Aside from that, whey protein appears to be more effective when it comes to appetite suppression compared to other known protein sources. The reason behind this is that, it is stimulating fullness hormone like GLP-1 and PYY to great extent.

As a matter of fact, in a study performed among 22 men who consumed different types of protein drinks on 4 separate occasions, they have experienced longer hunger levels. At the same time, they tend to eat fewer calories on the following meal after drinking their whey protein.

Aside from that, whey seems to help in boosting fat burning and promoting weight loss among lean people and to those who are obese or overweight.

Still Need Proof?

In another study of 23 healthy individuals, taking whey protein meal was discovered to help in increasing metabolic rate as well as fat burning abilities of the body more than soy protein or casein meals.