Importance of Food Guidelines When Raising GS Puppies

GSD breeders give advice that even if a particular snack is touted as the best treats for german shepherd puppies, it’s still important to read the nutritional values. Dog food, especially treats, tend to vary in calorie and nutrient content among different brands available in pet food markets. That is why it’s always wise to read the nutritional guidelines and values appearing on the feeding labels to find out if they are age appropriate for your German Shepherd puppy.

Referring to Food Guidelines When Feeding Your GS Puppy

Actually, it’s important for pet parents to know just how much food they need to give a young shepherd. Doing so will ensure the young dog will grow in the best of health. There are different feeding charts that you can find online, giving simple guidelines.

There are even breed-specific charts that consider the daily activities of a puppy or adult GSD. Feeding charts can help pet parents get started in caring for their fur animals. That way, they are properly guided on how much and how often their German Shepherd puppies should consume as daily sustenance.

German Shepherd breeders also recommend that pet parents make their own feeding charts to help them keep track of brands that greatly improve the growth rate and habits of a pet GSD. Knowing how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy helps in keeping track of a puppy’s growth rate, weight gain and changes in appetite and feeding habits.

Example of a General Guideline Outlining How Much to Feed a GS Puppy

.Find below examples of the kind of information provided by a simple food guideline. The charting includes the amount and frequency of dog food to feed a young German Shepherd based on age.
8 Weeks Old
GS puppies that are at least 8 weeks old can already feed on one to one and a half cups of dog food provided as four meals throughout a 4-day period.

12 Weeks Old
A GS puppy turning 12 weeks old can have increased amounts of one to two and a half cups of dog food as daily meals within a 4-day period.
6 to 9 Months Old
At the age of six months up to nine months old, it becomes important to ensure ease of digestion. The food chart recommends two to three cups in multiple meals consumed within 3 days.
9 to 12 Months
Upon reaching nine to twelve months old, a GS puppy can have three up to three and a half cups of food provided as 3 daily meals.

12 Months Old and Older
German Shepherd puppies at 12 months and older can now consume three and a half up to 4 cups of dog food as twice a day meals.

Still, bear in mind that food charts are not set in stone, which means pet parents can adjust the amount of food their puppies eat, once they adopt a more active lifestyle.