How our Mental Health effects Us

This is not necessarily a story about dangerous mental patients who pounce on passers-by with a knife. Or anecdote about the incapacitated Napoleon from room six. The problems that can arise in the field of mental health are as varied as physical ailments.

They can have a big impact on his daily life: increased anxiety, sleep problems, depression and other symptoms that prevent us from functioning normally, but which we so often tend to ignore.

However, many do not take mental health seriously.

People are afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, do not want to share their experiences with loved ones. What if they turn away? Or they will say that all your problems are stupidity, from idleness. But not everything is so simple. Mental disorders are just like any other disease.

They need to be treated and treated in the same way as ordinary ones. Mental disorders are treatable and complex: there are drugs, therapy, physical activity, and much more. It is important to understand that a person “falls” into depression.

Virus against stigma

Unfortunately, the latter is a fairly common consequence of disorders that were not paid attention to in time. According to the World Health Organization, about 800,000 people die every year due to suicide, that is, about one person every 40 seconds, and this is the second leading cause of death for people aged 15-29.

Even the most successful, wealthy, beautiful – what other conditions are there? – suffer from mental disorders. Many celebrities talk about this openly in order to show by their example: you do not need to be afraid and ashamed of what is happening to you, on the contrary, you need to talk about your condition and engage in therapy.

What do we have to do?

The development of mental disorders is influenced by a combination of biological, mental and social factors: heredity, external circumstances, and other medical problems. You need to understand that there is no clear recipe for how to protect yourself from mental health problems and start living. A person at any age, with any lifestyle and wealth can be trapped in this.

Man has evolved, and the need for natural selection has disappeared. We are no longer divided into “weak” and “strong”. We are all different, each has its own pain threshold, so in no case should one think that mental disorders are the lot of “weaklings”, there is no connection here.

And the real strength, as the hero of the famous film said, is in the truth: in relation to one’s inner feelings, the state of a loved one and the ability not to be silent about it, but to accept and seek help from a specialist, and if you need a laptop this resource can be seen with guides to pick the correct one.