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Lose a lot of weight in a short time? That promises the detox diet. Sounds tempting especially after a hearty gourmet day.

You encounter the term detox everywhere. The diet is hotly debated in magazines, on TV and on the internet. The name comes from the English word “detoxication”. This is also the basic principle of the detox diet. It is the detoxification and purification of the body.

The inventors of the diet assume that too much stress, work, stimulants and an unhealthy diet cause pollutants to be deposited in the body. Within a 7 to 21-day fasting cure, these toxins, so-called “slags”, should be smuggled out of the body. However, it is scientifically disputed whether these waste products actually exist in your body. Therefore, experts like detox centers phonenix az are the perfect people to turn to when it comes to detox diet. You will not only feel something good about yourself but will achieve long-term result for your health and well-being.

The detox diet: The principle

The first few days of the detox diet are a big challenge for many. Not just because of hunger, because a slight headache and a feeling of weakness often occur. This only changes after the first three days of fasting, then the body adapts and the symptoms slowly decrease.

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Depending on the program, you abstain completely from solid food for one to three weeks. In principle, the detox diet is more like a modern fasting cure than a classic diet. It is important that you drink a lot. 2.5 to 3 liters of water or unsweetened herbal teas are mandatory during the fasting period. Instead of solid foods, only vegetable broth and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are allowed. Sugared drinks, alcohol and coffee are taboo.


Anyone who believes that movement is forbidden is wrong. Long walks are even desirable, but you should keep your distance from extremely strenuous sports during the fast.


A lot of sleep and conscious relaxation exercises are a must of the detox diet. To support the metabolism, alternating showers and brush massages should be done daily. After the fasting period, you should slowly get your body used to solid food again. Treat yourself and your body to something good. Start slowly with small, light meals. Soups and salads are ideal. Over time, increase food choices and portion sizes. You should still avoid fatty and sweet meals. After a week, you no longer have to do without any food.