Video Games and Mobile Games Like Coin Master Can Help With Mental Health Conditions

In the United States alone, the revenue of mobile games in 2020 achieved a record high of $10.73 billion. Because of the surge of technological and digital innovations and improvements, as well as nationwide lockdowns brought about by the pandemic that a lot of countries across the globe, the number of mobile games users in the U.S. has significantly increased which greatly contributed to the revenue to U.S. mobile games market.

Coin Master – Getting Free Coin Master Spins

With the number of mobile games available in various app stores, mobile users are given an extensive array of mobile games to choose from, Coin Master being one. Developed by Moon Active, Coin Master is game where you essentially try to win coins as well as other game items by spinning a virtual slot machine, wherein players are given seven spins every hour. Players can also earn free Coin Master spins as well as other in-game rewards by redeeming the daily links that Moon Active releases which could be found on their social media accounts.

At times, however, a lot of players forget about this daily links. Fortunately, there are websites which could be accessed for free, that have a list of active Coin Master rewards links which they continuously update. This list is very help to Coin Master players as they are able to redeem the links that they forgot to redeem or may have missed.

With the coins and in-game rewards that players have collected, this would make it possible for them to build and continuously improve their Viking village. Moreover, the coins and in-game rewards are also used to attack and overrun the other players’ villages. Because the exciting gameplay, increasingly more people around the globe are downloading the game to give it a try.

Mobile Games, Video Games and Cognitive Health

Video games in general, including mobile games like Coin Master, are primarily played for entertainment. However, because of the numerous studies that focus on the benefits of playing video games, video games are now also used to aid and support mental health.

At a global scale, anxiety and depression are the most predominant mental health conditions that many individuals battle. These conditions could be acute or chronic wherein numerous symptoms are frequently stated sub-clinically. The stigma and the gap of the treatment associated with these kinds of mental health conditions are common concerns that are dealt with worldwide. Taking into consideration the burden of economic as well as the health care service of mental disorders and diseases, the demand for cost-effective and accessible methods of treating, coping and preventing the occurrence of cognitive illnesses is significantly heightened.

So as to take in hand these demands, there is an increasing research and study which aims to explore effective alternative solutions to conventional method of treatments for mental health conditions and disorders. This where the benefits of video games as a possible alternative treatment was studied and explored.

It was discovered that regularly playing video games has its mental benefits, providing a positive effect on one’s mental health. Among these includes attention control, information processing, as well as cognitive flexibility, which greatly help in dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Many research has concluded that play video games, which includes mobile games, on a regular basis has the potential to effectively mitigate certain cognitive health issues similar to tradition methods of treatments. What’s more is that playing video games as an alternative means to help treat and prevent symptoms of anxiety and depression is easy on the pocket, stigma-free, as well as readily available and accessible.