2014 Culture Cafe

The Culture Café made its first appearance in 2010, and has been the favorite diversion for people wanting to take a break from all the bustle of the Food Court , Exhibit Hall, presentations and workshops. It’s a great place to grab some coffee, pizza and baked goodies, and listen to some great live music.

This year, the Culture Café is getting a bit of a makeover as a place to indulge yourself – not only by treating yourself to some wonderful music by top musicians and singer/songwriters from Chicago and around the Midwest, and by enjoying coffee and other beverages as well as vegan treats, but also by getting a chair massage, or a reiki treatment.

The Culture Café Performance Stage

This year, we have a stellar lineup of great vegan musicians, each one with a unique style, wonderful musicianship and deep poignant lyrics. Step into this world inside our vegan world and connect with these great musicians:

10:00am Navdeep Singh

Navdeep Singh

Improvizational Jazz Guitar navdeepjazz.blogspot.com


Robinlee Garber Robinlee Garber

Thoughtful folk with a touch of torch


Robinlee is also the curator of the Performance Stage, and has assembed this fine cast of musicians.

12:00pm Zach


Energetic one-man feel good orchestra

from Columbus, Ohio


1:00pm Kreyol Roots

Kreyòl Roots

From Haiti with an inspiring fusion of Caribbean, African and Haitian rhythms.


2:00pm Donna Herula Tony Nardiello Donna Herula and Tony Nardiello

Dynamic acoustic guitar driven blues duo



Rachel Drew

Rachel Drew

A powerhouse vocalist with a blend of vulnerability and strength

Rachel Drew.com

4:00pm Shelley Miller Shelley Miller

Darkly soulful tunes about life outside the lines

from the Old Town School of Folk Music


And at 4:45, when the rest of Chicago VeganMania is beginning to wind down, the Culture Café will step it up with a lively group jam. Dont miss it!