2013 Speakers

Once again this year, Chicago VeganMania boasts two presenter stages – the Presentation Stage where you can gain knowledge and inspiration from some of the vegan movement’s top leaders and thinkers, and the more participatory Workshop Stage, where groups of well-known vegans and everyday heroes join forces to discuss ideas and lifestyle tips in a more casual environment.

This year, we are finalizing agreements with several wonderful speakers, and we promise that the Presentation Stage will be a hotbed of wisdom, creativity and inspiration. We expect to be announcing a full roster of speakers shortly.

Last year, our newly created Workshop Room proved to be a very popular place for attendees to gain multiple viewpoints and contribute to the conversation on several important topics ranging from health and diet to innovative careers and strategies for building community. We are currently building not only our roster of experts, but also some of the topics of conversation.

Last year, we also introduced our Ask a Vegan Expert table to great success, so this is something we’ll be bringing back this year. It’s a great place to talk one-on-one with a vegan who has “been there” and can offer tips on issues from raising a vegan child to training as a vegan athlete to planning a great vegan dinner.

If you feel you have some great expertise or wisdom to bring to a topic surrounding veganism or related issues, and would like to be considered as a panelist or vegan expert (or perhaps even a mainstage speaker – though admittedly this is a harder job to get), please fill out and send in this Call for Presenters form.

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