2015 CultureCafé Entertainment
Culture Café

Chicago VeganMania's Culture Café is the favorite
diversion for people wanting to take a break from all the bustle of the Food Court , Exhibit Hall, presentations and workshops.  It's a great place to grab some coffee and delicious baked goods, get a massage or a tarot reading and listen to some great live music.

Live Music at the Culture Café Performance Stage

Annette Conlon
Illuminati Congo Double Resonance
Annette Conlon
Illuminati Congo
Double Resonance

The Rescued
Ernesto Melchor
The Rescued Ernesto Melchor

Bill Kavanagh
Robinlee Garber
Bob Druker
Bill Kavanagh Robinlee Garber Bob Druker

The Schedule

Double Resonance

Percussion Duo that explores a broad spectrum of sounds and repertoire from classical transcriptions to original compositions.

11:00 The Rescued

Their original songs span many styles and cover a variety of pertinent issues. It is their hope to inspire others to look within, open their eyes and make a difference.

12:00 Annette Conlon

Singer-songwriter from LA on her cross-country Compassionette tour -- a moving, intimate, magical melodic country trip

1:00 Robinlee Garber, Bob Druker and Bill Kavanagh

Robinlee - folk and jazz based singer songwriter promoting her new album Resilience

Bob - a Milwaukee-based songwriter with a firm foundation in country and folk traditions

Bill - anything-but-typical songs covering myriad topics, including love, family, politics, gratitude, addiction, and living life on life's terms

2:00 Ernesto Melchor

Activism and music blended into a sound that restores, refocuses, and moves us to action

3:00 Open Mic

Listen to lots of great, yet little known performers -- or take the stage yourself (original music only, no covers, please)

4:00 Illuminati Congo (Jahn Hooks)

Fun, danceable, thought provoking, energetic, motivational, plant based, rasta, yogi hip hop

Later in the evening, you can catch Annette Conlon, Robinlee
Garber and other musicians performing as part of the Compassionette Tour at the Red Line Tap 7006 N Glenwood, Chicago (about a mile north of the Armory)

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