Our sponsors
Note: This page is from last year's festival. We'll be updating it soon.

Our Sponsors

Once again, Chicago VeganMania has gotten great and wonderful support from the vegan community. Some of the finest comapanies and organizations in Chicago and beyond are offering financial support to our event. We simply would not be able to put on a festival like this without their help, and we owe them all our deepest gratitude. Here is the list of our 2015 sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor
Free From Harm
Free From Harm
Free from Harm is a 501©(3) non profit charitable organization promoting farmed animal rescue, education and advocacy and registered in the state of Illinois. We are a hard-working group of professionals with diverse backgrounds coming together around a common cause. - See more at: http://freefromharm.org/about-us/#sthash.2ahDgSmt.dpuf

Platinum Sponsor
Vegan Street
Vegan Street
Vegan Street is the new web home of the vegan revolution, and home of the popular Vegan Street Memes, as well as powerful and satirical essays from the Vegan Feminist Agitator, weekly recipes, book and product reviews, interviews, vegan living and eco home and personal care tips and much much more, plus a store featuring unique and commanding organic, made in the USA vegan message gear and original books.
veganstreet.com   veganstreetstore.com

Gold Sponsor
The Chicago Diner

The Chicago Diner
The Chicago Diner, Meat Free Since '83, is a groundbreaking all vegetarian eatery changing the notion of the way a diner should be. The menu features veganized versions of American classics like shakes, mac & cheese, Reubens & Philly Steak. On Halsted in Lakeview and on Milwaukee in Logan Square.

Silver Sponsors
Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics
Eating Good Food has never been easier. Door to Door Organics partners with farmers to bring fresh, organic produce and Good Food groceries right to your doorstep.

A Well-Fed World

A Well-Fed World
A Well-Fed World is a hunger relief and animal protection organization chipping away at two of the world’s most immense, unnecessary and unconscionable forms of suffering… the suffering of people hungry from lack of food, and the suffering of animals used and abused for food.

We have a positive, practical, and action-led approach that produces immediate assistance for those in need and structural change for lasting results.


Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals
Mercy For Animals is a national non-profit animal protection organization, dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. Mercy For Animals works to create a society where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they so rightfully deserve. They serve as a voice for animals through proactive consumer education initiatives, cruelty investigations, corporate outreach, and legal advocacy. To learn more or to get involved, please visit the Mercy For Animals website.

Bronze Sponsors
Uptons Naturals
Uptons Naturals
Upton's Naturals Seitan is not only delicious and completely unique, but it is also a healthy and cruelty-free alternative to meat that is 100% vegan and vegetarian. Their special method yields flavor and texture that is unsurpassed, and one look at their ingredients list proves their dedication to simplicity.

Book Publishing Company

Book Publishing Company
Book Publishing Company is a community owned press dedicated to publishing books that promote a healthful and sustainable lifestyle. BPC titles focus on plant-based nutrition and cooking and feature not only some of the pioneers of soyfoods cookery and raw foods but new generations of chefs that are redefining the look and taste of plant-based cuisine.
i heart keenwah

I Heart Keenwah
I Heart Keenwah is a quinoa company. we're changing the way people think about quinoa: we make it snackable! We're cooking up quinoa snacks with great flavors and simple ingredients. we make it easy for you to get quinoa, a super food, into your day-to-day routine. no cooking, no time: just grab, go, and crunch!

Soul Vegan
Soul Vegan
Soul Vegan provides high quality plant-based cuisine that allows us to
continue to serve our objectives of service and sustainability.  In every Soul Vegan item, we intend to share with you the international legacy of
vegan excellence that provides the framework for our love of life itself and the maintenance of the life we love.

Aquafaba generally refers to the liquid in a can of chickpeas, and is a revolutionary new vegan egg replacer which can be used in recipes like meringues, confectionery, and baked goods. It's probably in your pantry right now!

Media Sponsors
Natural Awakenings
Natural Awakenings Magazine
Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, higher quality and more balanced lifestyle. Each month, they publish cutting-edge information focused on Lake and northern Cook counties, as well as national and global issues of interest to us all.

Become a sponsor of Chicago VeganMania 2015

There are a lot of great reasons to sponsor Chicago VeganMania: This is the largest and most diverse vegan festival in the Midwest. Chicago VeganMania is the embodiment of everything relating to vegan commerce and community. Each year, this event draw thousands
of conscious consumers from throughout Chicagoland and across the country. Many of these attendees wait all year to once again bask for a few hours in the world they have been imagining and working to create, and they want to support the organizations that help make it possible. These are committed, driven and influential people, and they show loyalty by becoming fans and ambassadors of those companies that they see as allies in creating a healthier and more compassionate world.

2015 Chicago VeganMania Sponsor Kit    2015 Chicago VeganMania exhibitor application form

Download your 2015 Chicago VeganMania Sponsor Kit and application form.

(this year, they are two separate documents, because the application form can now be filled out and sent in electronically and credit and debit card payments can be made through PayPal by depositing amount into account of exhibitors@chicagoveganmania.com).

or contact us to learn more.

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