2015 Speakers, Discussions & Experts
Note: This page is from last year's festival. We'll be updating it soon.

nce again this year, Chicago VeganMania boasts two presenter stages – the Main Presentation Stage where you can gain knowledge and inspiration from some of the vegan movement's top leaders and thinkers, and the more in-depth and participatory Panel Discussion Stage, where groups of well-known vegans and everyday heroes join forces to discuss ideas and lifestyle tips in a more casual environment.

For a more personal experience, we are one again presenting and expanding our popular Ask A Vegan Expert tables where you can get one on one advice from a vegan expert about everything from baking to parenting to fitness tips to investment advice.

The Main Presentation Stage
This year, we have an exciting lineup of presenters
representing some of the most important areas of vegan thought and healthy and compassionate living. The Presentation Stage is upstairs in a big comfortable space away from the din of the Exhibit Hall and Food Court.

John Pierre
Author, nutrition expert and Fitness Trainer to the Stars

The Synergistic Effects of Plant Based Eating and Exercise
11:30 Alex Hershaft
Founder and President of the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) and holocaust survivor

From the Warsaw Ghetto to an American Slaughterhouse
12:30 Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Author of seven books, and creator of the Food for Thought podcast

I Can't Live Without Cheese and Other Myths about Living Vegan
1:30 Dr. Joel Kahn
Founder of the Kahn Center of Cardiac Longevity

The Miracle of Heart Disease Reversal
2:30 Robert Grillo
Director of Free from Harm

Fictions, Facts and Food Choices
3:30 Carrie LeBlanc
Executive Director of CompassionWorks International

The Power of Love: Community, Compassion, Change

The Panel Discussion Stage
The forums and discussions are being held in a more intimate setting that allows to to get up close to the speakers. These are a bit more casually structured and are designed to encourage the free flow of ideas as well as increased opportunities for audience participation.

Veganic Farming and Permaculture

Heather Patrick
  Wild Earth Farm & Sanctuary
Joe Kilcoyne Wild Earth Farm & Sanctuary
Christina Montalbano Montalbano Farms
Matthew Stephens Permaculture America
Robert Wayner Urban Veganic Gardener and Forager
Mike Durschmid (moderator) Organic Consumers Association

11:30 The Latest in Vegan Health and Nutrition

Dr. Terry Mason Cook County Hospitals
Dr Joel Kahn Kahn Center of Cardiac Longevity
Dr Kerrie Saunders Author, presenter and columnist
Michelle Wolfram, RD Registered Dietitian

12:30 Plant-Powered Fitness

John Pierre Fitness trainer to the stars
Jacques Laventure Fitness trainer, chef and TV personality
Amanda Riester Champion boxer, bodybuilder and powerlifter
Jason Venckus Health coach and certified personal trainer
Mike Vlasaty (moderator) Raw Foods Bodybuilder

1:30 Overcoming Obstacles to Veganism

Carrie LeBlanc CompassionWorks International
Robin Plotner-Sax Whole food plant-based entrepreneur
John Deetjan Animal activist and master leafletter
Rachel Shippee (moderator) Chicago VeganMania

2:30 Creating Change in Your Community

Brian Pietrzycki Mercy For Animals
Zarakyah Ahmadiel Gahn Institute for Sustainable Solutions; Peace Diet Program
Kimberly Steele Musician, essayist, and the author of seven novels
Debra Stephens (moderator) Vegan Chicago

3:30 Strategies for Effectively Communicating Your Vegan Message

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau Joyfulvegan.com
Robert Grillo Free From Harm
April Lang Vegan psychotherapist
Marla Rose (moderator) Vegan Street and Chicago VeganMania

4:30 Compassionate Style and Beauty

Trisha Star Starship Salon
Ashlee Piper Eco-lifestyle expert and TV personality
Alisha Kettner  Amour de la Terre vegan shoe store
Drea Alexander  (moderator) Chicago VeganMania

Ask a Vegan Expert
One of the most popular attractions at Chicago VeganMania last year, our Ask a Vegan Expert allows you the chance to go one-on-one with an expert on several different important vegan topics. If you're looking to get knowledge, get inspiration, get motivation, get over to the Ask a Vegan Expert table.

Ask an Animal Rights Attorney
Anna Elizabeth Morrison
Valerie Schramm

10:00 Ask an Animal Activist
John Zachary Deetjen
Rachel Shippee

11:00 Ask a Vegan Parenting Expert

Kristin Konrady
Jennifer Gloodt
Reannon Branchesi

11:00 Ask an Ethical Investment Expert & Financial Planner
Thomas Nowak

1:00 Ask a Vegan Lifestyle Expert
Ashlee Piper  
Trisha Star
April Lang

1:00 Ask a Vegan Nutrition Expert
Carol D’ Anca

2:00 Ask a Vegan Fitness Expert
Mike Vlasaty
Jason Venchus


Ask a Vegan Baking, Cooking and Food Prep Expert
Jennifer Gloodt
Sandi Swiss
(Gluten Free)
    Jennifer Le Vine
(Raw Foodism)

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