2015 CultureCafé Entertainment

Note: This page is from last year's festival. We'll be updating it soon.

The Culture Café made its first appearance in 2010, and has been the favorite diversion for people wanting to take a break from all the bustle of the Food Court , Exhibit Hall, presentations and workshops.  It's a great place to grab some coffee, and delicious baked goods from Fritz Pastry, and listen to some great live music.

Treat yourself to some wonderful music by top musicians and singer/songwriters from Chicago and around the Midwest, and enjoy coffee and other beverages as well as vegan treats and get a chair massage, or a reiki treatment.

The Culture Café Performance Stage
This year, we have a stellar lineup of great vegan musicians, each one with a unique style, wonderful musicianship and deep poignant lyrics. Step into this world inside our vegan world and connect with these great musicians.


Kreyol Roots
Music that will keep you moving with its hot and jazzy Caribbean Roots, Zouk, African, and Haitian rhythms
11:30pm Christine Melody
an adventure with every song and lyrics that will capture your heart

Lively, energetic acoustic troubadour: a true celebration of spirituality, life and love

Fragile Soul
A duet from Northwest Indiana. They play acoustic music with a hint of soul, and truly write from the heart
Open Mic
Show off your talents! We even have a guitar available in case you need it.

Bill Kavanagh
A singer/bassist/recording studio owner with way too many years experience has now entered the singer/songwriter field.


Robinlee Garber
Rich, flowing folk music with a touch of torch

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